Pre-cut EVA Foam Chain Maille - 8.5×11 inch (10 pack)

Foam Armory

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Introducing the easiest way ever to make costume chain maille invented right here in Calgary! Perfect for cosplay, theatre arts, movie makers, and more to create any type of armor or armor accessory they wish!

As seen on “Adam Savage’s Tested” as well as “Much Props”, this is Ben Eadie’s famous foam chain maille design, pre-cut and ready for making. Easy to assemble! Adding a little dry brush of metallic acrylic paint gives it a realistic look (paint not included).

One package contains 10 sheets of die cut black EVA foam (8.5”x11”, 2mm thick) that will make 10″ x 40″ of assembled chain maille assembled totaling 400 sq. inches.

Makers: Foam Armory (Ben Eadie & Stephanie Chan)

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