Fuse33 Foam Ear Heroes (Blue)

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Ear Heroes by Fuse33 for use with reusable or disposable face masks. Eliminates ear chafing from extended mask wear. Custom branding options available.


    • No more ear chafing.
    • Double-Looped design allows for positioning the mask up and down without having to readjust or remove the mask extender.
    • EVA foam is a closed-cell system that allows for easy cleaning.
    • Foam construction is more comfortable than other materials.
    • Ability to wear it with a variety of hairstyles, textures and length.
    • Reduced likelihood of hair and other PPE products catching on it compared to other mask extender solutions. 
    • More secure than other mask extender solutions.

    Example Use Cases

    • Health care
    • Front line workers
    • Any situation where continuous masking is required

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